Who is Takuya Kimura? Family, wife, children, height, Biography


Takuya Kimura was a member of the Japanese male idol group SMAP.

SMAP had five male members, debuted in 1988, and disbanded in December 2016.

Who is Takuya Kimura? Learn about his family structure, wife, children, height, career, and current popularity.

Who is Takuya Kimura?


Kimura Takuya 木村 拓哉

November 13, 1972 (age 48)
Tokyo, Japan, cyo-fu city
Years active  1987–present
height    176 cm
Blood type O

Movies, TV dramas, commercials, stage shows, variety shows

Takuya Kimura was a member of the Japanese male idol group SMAP.
SMAP had five male members and debuted in 1988 and disbanded in December 2016.
Takuya Kimura debuted with SMAP and made his debut as an actor as early as the following year.

The programs in which Takuya Kimura appears always maintain high ratings.
He has won many awards in Japan.
He has also won praise at the Berlin Film Festival, not only as an actor, but also for his Best Dresser Award and his fashion sense.


He was the only one of the five members to be married.
SMAP has been the top Japanese idol group for a long time, and
They are known by people of all ages
They were known from children as young as kindergarten to the older generation of grandparents.

Each of the members of SMAP had many fans, but Takuya Kimura’s fans were especially large.

Japanese idols tend to lose fans when they have girlfriends or get married, but Takuya Kimura got married while he was still active in his idol group, but he continued to work with SMAP and remained very popular.


Takuya Kimura’s Wife,children,Family

Nikkansports:Shizuka Kudo

Spouse(s)  Shizuka Kudo ​(m. 2000)​
April 14, 1970 (Age: 51)

She has studied theater since elementary school, and when she was in eighth grade, she entered the Miss Seventeen contest and won a special prize.
She was a very popular idol singer.
Shizuka Kudo is a Japanese singer, actress, TV personality,
jewelry designer, and painter.




eldest daughter Cocomi
May 1, 2001 (Age: 20)
Cocomi is a model and flutist from Tokyo, Japan.
Her real name is 木村心美

心美・・・The meaning of this kanji is “beautiful mind”.



youngest daughter Kōki
February 5, 2003 (Age: 18)
Kōki, is a Japanese fashion model and composer.
Her real name is 木村光希

光希・・・The meaning of this kanji is “Precious Light”.



His father runs a cafe.
Takuya’s mother spends her time traveling around the country for performances.
His mother lives a life of traveling around the country for performances.


His younger brother Shunsaku Kimura 木村俊作 was once a member of the Japanese National Team in the American Football World Cup and is now a fashion designer with his own brand.


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